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Frequently Asked Questions


We are a new lesson online platform, a meeting point between teachers and students that will enable you to grow. Difficult subjects, languages where you need a hand, hobbies that you always wanted to learn…. choose the teacher who is best suited to you via our filters and start creating a better future.

Yes, the more hours you purchase, the better the discount!

If you buy:

  • 5 hour bundle = 3% discount
  • 10 hour bundle = 5% discount
  • 15 hour bundle = 7% discount

Minimum two, maximum four.

The minimum number of students in a group lesson is two, so it would be cancelled and the amount would be returned.

The teacher can cancel it up to one hour before it takes place if the minimum requirement of required students (two) has not been met.

In the event of the teacher not being able to give the lesson, you may reschedule it if all the participants are in agreement, or cancel it and the amount will be returned to you.

The amount will be returned to the students.

You will see it announced in the group lesson tab,also, the teacher will  send notifications to their students so they can subscribe to it.

  • We offer two free trial lessons, with which you can try classes with different teachers and choose the best one that suits your interests.
  • You have the opportunity to subscribe to group classes to share ideas with classmates and improve your acquired knowledge together.
  • At Wordiix we count on technology that guarantees the best video and audio quality, without interruptions.
  • Our teachers cover a multitud of topics and are certified.
  • Your payments are secure both locally and internationally.
  • We rely on professionals from all over the world that want to share their knowledge with students.

We have created a search system with different filters for you so that you can find the teacher who is best suited to your needs. Use them and find your ideal teacher!

Once you have chosen your teacher best suited to your needs- don’t forget that you have two free trial lessons-, buy some hours. Remember that there are discount bundles! The more you book the bigger the discount.

It is as simple as accessing the teacher’s calendar whatever you wish to study and selecting the hour that suits you best. Although the norm is that the lessons are 60 minutes long, they can also be half an hour, an hour and a half, two etc.

We are international, so don’t forget that the lesson time is reflected according to the time zone that it corresponds to!

At the scheduled time go into your profile and click on the class link.

Yes, once the lesson is finished you have the possibility to score the teacher from 1 to 5. It is completely anonymous, We do ask that your opinion is the most honest as possible! This helps us to handle our pool of teachers in the most efficient way.

We hope that this does not come to pass (or at least, that it happens as little as possible) but if this were to be the case, remember that you have 72 hours after the lesson to notify of any incident. Simply click on your profile the button ‘Report an incident’ and select the corresponding one. If what has happened does not appear on any of the options click ‘Other’ and explain to us what happened. According to the option you choose, an immediate solution will be recommended, and you will be referred to the support team so they can help you.

It is so that there is a record of the lesson being given. When you click on it the teacher receives payment for the lesson. In the event of you forgetting to press it, 72 hours after it is automatically confirmed. This time is useful so, in the case of not having taken the lesson, you can contact online support and let them know.

Once you have used up the two free 30 minute lessons, there is no possibility of getting more.

Let the teacher know as soon as possible. Take into account that you can cancel or reschedule the lessons at no extra cost up until three hours before the start of the class. Otherwise, our cancellation policy may not be applicable.

Each teacher is free to establish the price of their lessons, Wordiix does not interfere in this.

We use the most secure means of payment: Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Paypal. The hours purchased will appear in your wallet.

Take into account that handling fees are 5% on top of the purchase price, with a minimum of 0.5 euros. The currency we accept is the euro, as a result, if you choose another currency you will have to take on the exchange rate charge that your means of payment imposes on you.

If after using the filters you don’t manage to make a decision or are having difficulties, get in touch with the support team and we will help you to find the best option for you.

Once you find the ideal teacher, go into their calendar and choose among the available hours that suits you the best. Choose the amount of time you wish and you are all set!

No, it will be taken from your account even if you dont turn up.

Don’t worry, if for whatever reason the class doesn’t take place, you will not use up this trial period.

When there is less than three hours remaining until the lesson, you will not be able to reschedule, because the cancellation policy takes effect from this moment. Yes you will have the option to cancel, but take on the cost of the class due to late cancellation. However, you can get in touch with your teacher and you can have the option as this being an exception and cancel or reschedule for free.

If you want your child to take a lesson with one of our teachers and they are under 18 years of age, you will have to register it in your name and indicate to the teacher that the lesson will be for the minor.

Click on the option ‘I have forgotten my password’ in the section ‘Login’ and put in your electronic mail that you used to register. We will send a link to it to be able to retrieve it.


The price is 19.99 euros per month, and includes advantages such as being able to give group lessons, positioning yourself in the results search and bringing your own students without paying commission on these lessons.

Yes, at any time. It goes into effect if you subscribe to it and from the following month if you cancel it.

  1. Go into ‘My profile’.
  2. By default you will have the Basic Account, if you wish to take advantage of the Premium Account you will have to click on ‘Go premium’.
  3. For the Premium account, select method of payemnt and fill in the data.

It is very straightforward and you can choose between various modes of payment, like Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Paypal.

  1. Go into ‘My Profile’.
  2. Click ‘Go Premium’.
  3. Select the method of payment you wish and fill in the data.
  4. Begin enjoying the advantages of your Premium account.

Nothing, it is free. You can enjoy at zero cost your Basic Account on our Platform. In the case of wanting to make the most of more advantages, you can go Premium for 19.99 euros per month.

Depending on the number of hours of lessons you give, less will be the charge:

  • From 0-60 hours = 20% commission.
  • From 60-300 hours = 18% commission.
  • More than 300 hours = 15% commission.

Only 10%, irrespective of the classes you give.

And if you bring the student on board…0% commission!

We have put at your disposal a button in the tab ‘My profile’ that will generate a referral link. So you will be able to share it with your students or on your social media! Remember that these lessons won’t incur commission with the Premium Account.

No it is only possible with the Premium Account.

Yes, you will be able to take up to four students at a time.

If you are the teacher, go into the button on your profile ‘Schedule a group lesson’, indicate the duration, price per student, syllabus and level. The notice will be published in the group lesson tab and you will be able to notify the students that choose from your schedule.

If you are the teacher who has scheduled it, you may delete it if noone joins up.

If you are the teacher who has scheduled it, you will be able to erase it one hour before it takes place and the money will be returned to the student.

Once the lesson is finished, it is detected that it has been given and you receive payment automatically. For this reason, it is essential that the lesson is given on the platform.

First of all, welcome! It is very straightforward: you must register, indicating the subjects you teach, availability and price per hour. Take into account the more information you provide, greater is the chance of securing new students. Don’t skimp on the details of the subjects you offer, your studies and experience.

Follow these steps:

  1. The lesson must be marked on the calendar.
  2. When it finishes, the box ‘confirm’ will appear to the student. Once they have clicked on it, the amount for the lesson will go into the teacher’s wallet.
  3. If the student does not confirm in 72 hours, the amount will go in automatically to the teacher’s wallet.

No, you will receive payment for each lesson completed, once it is verified by the student.

Yes, each student has two half an hour lessons at zero cost. Their purpose is for them to get to know you and assess if you fit what they are looking for. Take advantage of them to dazzle them and they will stay with you!

The Basic one is free, but you have commission that varies between 15% and 20% depending on the number of lessons you give.

The Premium one costs 19.99 euros per month and involves fixed cheaper commission (at 10%), advantageous as it positions you in the searches and there is the possibility to give group lessons, something that is not viable with the Basic one. With the Premium one, moreover, you can bring your own students with you with no commission cost.

Whenever you want, the payment is monthly. If you click on the button ‘unsubscribe’ it will not be taken off you the following month and you will return to the Basic Account.

No, we don’t allow advertising. The objective of our platform is to connect teachers and students.

Yes. Furthermore, if you have a Premium Account these classes carry no commission. To do this, you have a button in the section ‘My profile’ with it to share a referral link on social media.

After each class, the student will be able to score you from 1 to 5. The average will go on record to help those students to decide if they want to schedule hours with you.

Our mission is to guarantee that you don’t have any type of problem with payment for your lessons, therefore, if the lessons were to be given outwith the platform we would not be able to uphold the security of the payments. Also, at Wordiix we are a family and as such we respect one another. If this were to happen, explain to them that you have committed to follow our values and norms. The student must understand that, payments made outwith here, would imply a sanction and the deletion of your profile.

Yes, if the student has not confirmed the lesson taken within 72 hours, the process occurs automatically and you receive the payment.

We hope that this doesn’t come to pass (or at least, as little as possible). If you find yourself in this position, follow these instructions:


  1. Go into the menu ‘My lessons’.
  2. Find the student, the lesson and click on ‘Report an incident’.
  3. Select the option that illustrates what has happened and if it doesn’t appear, click ‘other’.
  4. Depending on what you have selected, an immediate particular solution will be recommended to you, or else, you will be referred to the support team for them to help you.

Alert your student as soon as possible! That way you will be able to reschedule or cancel the lesson. Take into account that, if you don’t turn up, the student can report it and this will have negative repercussions on the review of your profile.

The student can cancel or reschedule until 3 hours before the specified time. If the time arrives and they don’t turn up, the lesson will be confirmed as being given automatically after 72 hours and you will receive the corresponding payment.


If the student contacts you, belatedly, you can evaluate the option of rescheduling the class between the two of you. In the event of not being able to contact the student, let technical support know, showing corresponding screen shots and they will confirm the lesson or deal with the issue in the most suitable manner.

Go into the section ‘Lessons’ and click on the button ‘Withdraw’, choosing the option you prefer to withdraw earnings.

Take out a Premium Account, you will always be in prime position!

Although don’t worry, if you have a Basic Account you can also aim to appear at the top of the searches, so, try to comply with the following pointers:



  1. Keep your profile 100% up to date.
  2. Take on board students evaluations and comments.
  3. Respond to requests quickly.
  4. Don’t miss lessons.

On request, hours paid for and not used can be returned to the student. Similarly the student can spend this time not used with another teacher.

Warn all the students as soon as possible. You can reschedule it if all are in agreement and if not, the money will be returned to each student.

Click on the option ‘I have forgotten my password’ in the section ‘Login’ and put in the electronic mail with which you registered. We will send you the link to be able to retrieve it.

The different colours are used so you can see, at a glance, the progress of the lesson:
  • If it is scheduled you will see it in blue
  • If it is confirmed you will see it in blue and
  • If it is not yet confirmed you will see it in blue and
  • If it is under revision you will see it in red

We want our users to feel comfortable on our platform and for this reason we do not tolerate inappropriate messages. We hope that this never comes to pass, but if it were to be the case, don’t hesitate to contact the support team as soon as possible.

At Wordiix you can take out your money whenever you wish, there is no minimum amount nor limit on withdrawals.

Wordiix gives the teachers complete freedom to establish their own methodology, for this reason each teacher has to make do with their own materials.

In this case, the lesson is given as normal and you receive the payment of all the students who subscribed, whether they turned up or not.

Choose an image that shows the best of you:


  • Photo looking straight ahead.
  • Vertical format.
  • Show your face well.
  • Don’t include contact information.
  • Be mindful of lighting.
  • Neutral background.
  • Only you in the photo.
  • Avoid Instagram or similar filters.

On the part of Wordiix there is no commission with respect to this, in the event of the means of payment carrying a charge, the platform is not responsible for it.