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And you, what do you want to learn?

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We want to feel part of your success, for this we get involved in the fullest way possible to enable you to reach your goals

How can we help you?

Prepare official language exams

Especially complicated subjects

Convert your hobby into your profession

Develop your vocation

Get your kids to pass their final exams

Public exams

Improve your accent with native speakers

Get the training you need for the job you have always desired

There are many reasons for dedicating yourself to learning

Create the best version of others growing with Wordiix

The job as teacher is full of surprises: each lesson is a new adventure of learning and emotion. Join our faculty and check it out for yourself!

Share with the world your knowledge, become a teacher!

At Wordiix you are your own boss

Don’t think about it anymore and take the leap of faith with Wordiix: At last you can dedicate yourself to teaching!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enrich the lives of others, Beccome a teacher with Wordiix!

How would feel about earning more money whilst helping others? Join our faculty of teachers and choose the timetable of your classes.

The Wordix Experience

Have you thought that you can improve the lives of other people with your knowledge?

Marta Garrido

“ It was really easy to find the teacher that I needed, thanks to Wordiix, my English has really improved”.

Raúl Esparza

“When I think of the time that I lost in in-person lessons... Now I can’t conceive any other way of learning that isn’t online”.

María Fernández

“With Wordix I combine work and studies no problem, they adapt to my schedule and make things much easier”.

Esteban López

“I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but I kept postponing it due to lack of time. Now with Wordiix it is super easy, and all from the comfort of home!”

Juanma González

“I never thought that it would be so easy to learn. Thanks to Wordiix I improved my technical skills and I achieved the job I wanted. Many thanks!”

Lola Ramírez

“I have never found languages easy, but at Wordiix I found a teacher who is helping me alot, never did I think I could come to understand German. I am very grateful.”