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Profesores de Chino en Wordiix

Siyuan Li
Chino (Idioma nativo)
Español (B2 - Por encima del Promedio)
Inglés (B2 - Por encima del Promedio)
Hola! Me llamo Irene y soy del norte de China. Ahora vivo y trabajo en Galicia. Sobre mí: - Máster en didáctica de chino para hispanohablantes en Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona. - 4 años de experiencia en la enseñanza de chino - Especializada en educación lingüística para niños - Nativo de mandarín con acento estándar - Enterada de comunicación intercultural y estrategias de aprendizaje
Jorge Ernesto Bauza
Albanés (B2 - Por encima del Promedio)
Gallego (B2 - Por encima del Promedio)
Hola esta es mi descripción
Luca de Cadilhac
Español (Idioma nativo)
Italiano (Idioma nativo)
Inglés (C2 - Experto)
Portugués (C2 - Experto)
Chino (C1 - Avanzado)
Francés (C1 - Avanzado)
Griego (B1 - Promedio)
Catalán (C2 - Experto)
I have worked in the field of languages for many years in different countries. I have lived in over six countries, teaching various languages to a wide range of people, of different ages, backgrounds and with different learning goals. I love to follow the students' needs and adapt to each person.
Jingci Man
Chino (Idioma nativo)
Español (B2 - Por encima del Promedio)
Inglés (A2 - Principiante)
Hello everyone, I’m JINGCi, you can also call me Angela. I am currently a student majoring in education, studying in Universidad de Santiago de Compostela in Spain. I am cheerful, serious and patient. I used to be a tutor for children in Spain, and organized several activities to promote traditional Chinese culture in Spain. This experience has accumulated experience for me to become a qualified Chinese teacher. Similarly, I am also a foreign language learner (Spanish and a little English) and I am studying pedagogy in Spanish. Therefore, in addition to professional Chinese knowledge in the classroom, I can also share my experience of learning foreign languages with you from the perspective of pedagogy. I will design different types of classroom content based on the feedback of different students in the classroom, so you don't need to have any pressure in my classroom. I am a very patient teacher. You only need to study confidently and happily. I will help you solve any problems related to pronunciation, reading, and writing. We look forward to reaching your learning goals as soon as possible with the joint efforts of both of us!